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Captain America #25

To rescue the Daughters of Liberty trapped in Madripoor, Captain America and his closest allies marshal their forces – but waiting in the wings for them is the reborn Red Skull! Plus, the debut of the all-new Agent 13!
PLUS: A second celebratory story by Michael Cho and Anthony Falcone!

Available November 18 | Diamond code SEP200632 | $4.99 USD.

The Great Comic Caper

DC Comics is home to the most iconic superheroes in the world, and the DC Archives are full of priceless comic books, including a pristine copy of Action Comics #1. Security is tighter than Fort Knox… or it would be, if they weren’t moving offices. During the move from New York to LA, millions of dollars of rare comic books will be shipped by train. Jimmy and his crew had managed to pull one over on The Fish and walked away with a bunch of his cash. Unfortunately, their celebration is short lived. Backed by his mobster brother, The Fish forces Jimmy into working a job for him.J immy has a choice: rob the train, or take a permanent dirt nap.

Available 2021

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Here There Be Monsters (Upcoming 2021)