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The Great Comic Caper

DC Comics is home to the most iconic superheroes in the world, and the DC Archives are full of priceless comic books, including a pristine copy of Action Comics #1. Security is tighter than Fort Knox… or it would be, if they weren’t moving offices. During the move from New York to LA, millions of dollars of rare comic books will be shipped by train. Jimmy and his crew had managed to pull one over on The Fish and walked away with a bunch of his cash. Unfortunately, their celebration is short lived. Backed by his mobster brother, The Fish forces Jimmy into working a job for him. Jimmy has a choice: rob the train, or take a permanent dirt nap.

Available 2022



The freshest instalment in a library of 53 comic stories from the unhinged imaginations of 48 international creators across 4 volumes! Head over to Kickstarter to be notified at launch!

Here There Be Monsters (Upcoming)

Monsters have always existed, of course. But they were relatively minor affairs: an overgrown boar dispatched by a local warrior, or a dragon slain by a brave knight. Now, in the 16th Century, monster attacks grew so great that the heads of state met and found an answer to the problem: pirates.

Brave men and women were given privateer papers and sent out to hunt all manner of foul creatures. The mightiest ship on the Seven Seas is the Heracles, and its captain is fearless, the best with a sword, and twelve going on thirteen.

This is her story.