Anthony Falcone

Anthony Falcone is a novelist, comic book writer, and dramatist based out of Canada. He is best known as the writer for the comic book series Brotherhood of the Iron Dragon (with Marcus To), Infamia (with Daniel Angusson), and Quid Pro Quo (with Gibson Quarter). Anthony was also the writer for the critically acclaimed Northguard comic book reboot.

My latest

The Art of Making Meta Olympia

Part sci-fi anthology, part concept art collection, and part alternative business lifestyle graphic novel – this book chronicles the Meta Olympia project.

Meta Olympia is an alternate near-future that examines life on Mars through the lens of emerging professional sports.

The 316 full-colour pages document the world-building and storytelling experiments of the science fiction & sports on Mars property.  The book features behind-the-scenes commentary, dozens of stories by guest contributors, and over 500 unique pieces of artwork created by some of the top creators in games, film, and TV.

Upcoming Releases

The Great Comic Caper

DC Comics is home to the most iconic superheroes in the world, and the DC Archives are full of priceless comic books, including a pristine copy of Action Comics #1. Security is tighter than Fort Knox… or it would be, if they weren’t moving offices. During the move from New York to LA, millions of dollars of rare comic books will be shipped by train. Jimmy and his crew had managed to pull one over on The Fish and walked away with a bunch of his cash. Unfortunately, their celebration is short lived. Backed by his mobster brother, The Fish forces Jimmy into working a job for him. Jimmy has a choice: rob the train, or take a permanent dirt nap.

Available 2022.

Published Work


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